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|                             Fujiology Archive V2.1                             |
|                                   1979-2015                                    |
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|                            "We preserve the memory"                            |


Atari Scene Archeology? No! = FUJIOLOGY!

The quest for old atari scene material became on obsession for a few of us.
Digging the digital crates (1). Digging for the rarest of the rarest games,
demos or other kind of software.

Often it does not matter if the game or demo has good sound or graphics.
The rareness raises its value to something special. If we keep it in
perspective, most of this rare stuff is utterly crap. But if many of those
finds are not really mind blowing what is it that keeps us going on?

You may all know my previous archives called NO FRAGMENTS. Over the years I
came to the conclusion that CD-ROM archives likes these becoming more and more
obsolete. Not to mention the fact that the concept of NO FRAGMENTS (to deliver
complete collections) was very fragmentary in the end.

I came to the conclusion that some bigger archive had to be done. My aim was
and still is to gather every legal release from the Atari-Scene (esp. demos).
I will never ever claim that this collection is complete and I won't say that
it is the best there is but I'm sure at the moment it is the biggest there is.

The production of this archive went hand-in-hand with DEMOZOO (www.demozoo.org).
So nearly every production mentioned in the database has a Demozoo entry with
a direct link to it (also links to pouet and atarimania were added). The entry
might not be complete yet so feel free to support us.

I did mainly focus on demos but also added games and tools if they were public
domain and done by scene groups or relatives. Sometimes I slight walk
off-topic, but I think those stuff should be preserved too even it's not really
demoscene material.

Now let's have a look at the archive. The archive comes on a 64 GB SDXC Card
and is now about 62 GB in size. Why is it so big? Simply because it combines
nearly all of my previous projects under one banner.

Let's have a closer look whats in there. I tried to keep a simple structure.
You have folders for: 8bit, Falcon, Graphics, Jaguar, Lynx, Magazines,
Music, Parties, ST, TT and VCS.

Most of the archive is sorted after group or artist. In the crew-folder you will
find all kind of releases by this crew (demos, games, tools).

Everything in the archive is zipped (no .lzh, .rar or other archives) except
for the music sections which is unpacked for direct replay.

Everything is documented in my Excelsheet. You have here - group, production
title, type, filename and external links to various websites inlcuding
demozoo.org which operates as the graphical frontend of my whole archive.
Just to give you a slight idea of how big the archive is... the first tab
it has over 23000 lines... and that is only for the ST. There are other tabs,
for Falcon, 8bit, Jaguar, Lynx, Mags, TT, VCS, CD-Roms, Composer (Now this is
quite interesting as it's a composerlist that combines all composer that have
tunes in Fading Twilight, SNDH and ASMA... in total over 1000 composers). Then
there's a Fading Twilight tab, one for SNDH and one for ASMA aswell as one for
the graphics archive. The last tab here is my atari parties list where you
can basically find any party that was atari related.


2.969 8bit Prods (everything is in .ATR or .XEX or .SAP or .PNG)

1.393 Falcon Prods

7.867 Graphics (Native atari format if available plus .PNG conversion)

492 Jaguar "Files (for the pedantic rebooting guy)"

7 Lynx Prods

3.286 Magazines (ST, Falcon, Html and Textbased mags)

14.043 Fading Twilight (other music archives are SNDH and ASMA which are kind of
a bonus because I do not maintain them)

26.324 Partyarchive:
-all atari graphics have a PNG/GIF-conversion
-most musics have a SND/SAP/MP3 conversion
-everything single parted
-kept original as possible

14.644 ST/E Prods

22 TT Prods

212 VCS Prods

As you might have noticed, nearly all of the entries have links to demozoo.org
which is as mentioned before my graphical frontend for the project. So if you
want any more details on a specific production you can go directly to the
production page and check out all the details.

This is my legacy... my gift to you oldschool lovers and my preservation of the
Atari Demoscene for future generations.

Don't forget us!
We have moved the world!

Sources included into Demozoo.org now:
Moa - Megatari website - http://gtmoa.free.fr/
Shazz/TRSI - The Atari ST Scene Genealogy - http://www.st.scene.free.fr/
The Great Atari ST Scene website - http://bookstore.free.fr/Atari/
Scenery Atari
Fading Twilight composer-database
No Fragments
Atarimania (Demo section) - http://www.atarimania.com


Mega thanks goes to:

Gargaj / Conspiracy
'for dumping the pouet-prodlists! :)'

Evil / Dead Hackers Society
'for hosting so much stuff and general support'

GGN / D-Bug
'for ripping some Intros for me'

Slippy / Vectronix
'for sending in some unreleased stuff: 42VEX.ZIP and VEX_CD1.ZIP'

Insane / .tSCc.
'for ripping and fixing several Cracktros from bootdiscs
as well as for coding the neat ST intros V1 and V2 :)'

Marcer / Elite^Paradize
'for supplying some stuff and creating the GAME DVD which was the source
for many many cracktros that can be found on here'

Flash / The Naughty Bytes
'for sending some disks with rare material the oldschool way!'

Juergen Frankenberger / Atari Demo Club Koblenz
'for giving his complete PD Library on 5 1/4" disks to me'

Moondog / .tSCc.
'for creating the Falcon CD-Rom a few years ago'

Jake / Depression
'for sending in truly RARE Finnish stuff'

M.C. / Animal Mine
'for exclusive intros: FUCKBUG.ZIP and PARTY_06.ZIP'

mOdmate / Checkpoint
'for supplying some really rare unknown stuff'

Bober / MEC
'for supplying and identifing rare and strange 8bit files'

'for teaching me how to rip XL cracktros. Awesome patience!'

Asle / AMP
'AWESOME rips and conversions!'

Maartau / NoExtra
'HUGE thanks for those amazing cracktro rips!!!'

erOS / Cobra
'for diggin' lotsa rare polish intros and demos'

Remo / .tSCc.
'for the amazing intro animation!'

'for helping me a lot with the 8bit stuff'

'for helping me a lot with the 8bit stuff'

'for the new ASCII-Logo'

...and everybody I forgot... I'm sorry but my brain explodes.

signing off,
lotek style / the sirius cybernetics corporation
lotekstyle [AT] lotekstyle [DOT] de
31st of december 2015


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